Things One Needs To Know About Freight Forwarding.

The process of transporting goods from one place to another is known as freight forwarding. The task, although seemingly simple, can prove to be quite a daunting and challenging one, especially for the first timers. However, by following the below mentioned factors, one can ensure a smooth and hassle free freight forwarding job.

Freight Forwarding Procedure

. First and foremost, it is important for one to know what freight forwarding procedure is all about. Transporting goods from one destination to another, by taking help of a company specializing in transportation of goods, is known as freight forwarding. These intermediary companies ensure of taking care of every little detail like storage, shipping, documentation, liaising with carriers, etc, related to safe transportation of goods from one place to another. It is a responsibility of freight forwarding companies to negotiate and ensure of forwarding the goods in a most economical way.

. When it comes to importing or exporting of any goods, taking help of a freight forwarder is one of the best options for you. The service provider, by taking care of every procedure, ensure of making the whole process less stressful for you. Being a experienced hand, freight forwarding company will assist and guide you at every stage from packing, storing your goods in the warehouse, dispatch of your goods and of course, handling the customs.

. Some of the major services offered by freight forwarding companies are as follows:

. Clearing your goods from customs

. Handling documentation related to import-export of goods

. Insurance of goods

. Packing and storing of your goods

. Managing inventories

Additional services and advantages of freight forwarding company

Business owners, by using expertise and know-how of freight forward service provider, can gain advantage for their business in more ways than one. Not only will their goods be transported safe and sound at correct destination and on time, owners can also save a substantial amount by way of lesser transportation and documentation costs, by hiring services of freight forwarding agents.

However, in order to gain from the services of freight forwarding agent, it is essential for you, to first establish and maintain a good working rapport with him. Also, ensure that all your documents are updated and in place, for your goods to be transported without any hurdles.

All said and done, freight forwarding companies too are bound by certain rules and regulations which are to be strictly adhered by them. For example, there are goods like, inflammable ones, drugs, perishable items, alcohol, sharp objects and batteries, which are a strict no-no for freight forwarding companies, when it comes to transporting them.

And, finally, ensure that, your freight forwarding agent provides you with the below mentioned documents, for ensuring smooth transit of your goods.

. Bill of Lading copy

. Commercial Invoice

. Export license and packing list

. Certificate of origin statement

. Shippers export declaration document

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