A few tips on how to reduce an auto transport fraud in 2022

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Do you need to transport your cars to a different state or country? You have thought of hiring an international freight forwarding agency for this purpose. However, car transport scam incidents can make you feel scared. But, car dealers and other merchants cannot avoid shipping their vehicles to a remote place.

Why do scams happen in the car shipping industry? The major reason is that some companies do not directly contact their customers. Car owners and sellers look for cost-effective shipping service providers in local places and make a deal with them. You have to be a bit careful to prevent fraudulence.

Look for registration proof

International freight shipping companies across different states of the USA must have a Motor Carrier Number, also known as USDOT PIN. FMCSA is the major authority that manages the database of freight businesses. It also issues the MC Docket number shown on some companies’ websites. The carrier, which refuses to disclose the USDOT PIN, is suspicious.

Check the company’s postal address and phone number

A freight forwarder relies on phone communications, as it is fast and cheap. Fraudulent businesses’ websites display fake contact numbers and addresses. Thus, by dialing the number, you can check the reliability of the company. You may also crosscheck their physical addresses on third-party sites. It will help in locating the business.

The best transport companies always deliver emails from their official sites.

Search for fake and missing reviews

It is easy to post some fake positive reviews. However, every international freight logistics service provider has pros and cons. The top-rated companies have fewer negative reviews and higher ratings. Generic feedback and comments with inappropriate words indicate that they are fraud. But, some new businesses do not have any reviews.

Go through the details of the contract

Not sure which solution fits you business needs?

Before signing a contract, you have to read the agreement. A trusted company always sets terms and conditions about their freight services. You will also learn about the additional charges and reimbursement. The fraud ocean and air freight forwarders may ask you to pay in advance. It is another alarm for a scam, and you must be careful.

Try to learn about the driver

Some auto transport agencies reveal the driver’s name and contact details. Before making a payment, you may communicate with the driver to ensure legitimacy. Moreover, the contact information will be useful when there is a delay. You can track your car by accessing the driver.

You have now learned some tips for avoiding scam car shipping agencies. But, you must also know about the common types of fraudulent activities. For instance, the scammer receives your payment and does not send your vehicle to the destination. Moreover, a broker can send a very low quote and hire an unreliable company. It will cause a delay in shipping the automobile.
In some cases, although the service providers set a low price rate, they charge hidden fees. The best International Freight Forwarding companies are always honest about their fees.

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